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Developed from a home-based farmyard in 1990, MagicMadam was once a traditional home-based hair factory which is solely specializing in hair processing. We’ve been always thinking of make the company to be more creative and bring in more fashion elements. And now it has been what MagicMadam experts in.

When I saw the video of several lovely girls who come from New Jersey dancing on the stage and wearing the hairpieces which were custom made by MagicMadam, I feel all the effort is worthwhile. This children song and dance troupe found us through our partner in the US, at that moment, they were in desperate need of several ponytails for a performance. The ponytails need to exactly match for each girls’ skin and hair color , and there were 35 girls! Yes, it was a big challenge. MagicMadam made it! 14 days, 2 designers, 35 delicate mixed color ponytails, delivered on time and perfect match!

Now, such thing is happening everyday. MagicMadam has already become a multi-business company dedicating not only to traditional hair processing but also technique research, hair design and sales.

Year after year, We’ve been to many places and visited customers in Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Italy, Japan, etc. We talk about hair and fashion; we share business information and discuss future plan. Our customers’ earnest and responsible way of treating their customers, their conscientious and dedicated attitude towards work is all very influential to us, MagicMadam has gradually developed to a company who has the same working attitude and business concept just like our customers and we work together on the way of pursuit of beauty.

We don’t just make and sell hair- we offer useful information and share the little secrets in hair production to help customers have a complete sense of the products and make the best choice; we bring the cutting-edge and unique hair design to make you always stand in the forefront of fashion. However, the experience in hair processing is the treasure of MagicMadam. We make hair, we understand hair, that is why we can always supply quality hair. Hair processing has been the most critical part in the development of MagicMadam, and it will still be our priority.

MagicMadam will keep endeavoring to improve the production techniques to bring our customers with more fashion and practical designs, more affordable and superb quality products and also more business information to share.